We are ever grateful for the adoring, fit, and healthy community that makes up WFOB. We want to share your successes with other members and have come up with the WFOB Lady of the Month. We will feature members – young, mature, new, and many years-in. You all have grand stories to share!

Tell us your tale. We want to know it! Email memberservices@womensfitnessofboston.com.

Ring in the Lady of December: Cali

Name: Cali Touloumes

What do you do for work?
I am a High School Math Teacher at Excel Academy Charter High School in East Boston.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member?
I first moved to Boston a few months before joining WFOB. I was new to the area and determined to find a gym to keep up my exercise routine and be a part of a community. The fact that WFOB is only for women really enticed me to join so I took a week of free classes and loved my experience at POUND so I signed up! I’ve been a member for one year and two months now and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

What are your fitness goals?
My fitness goals are to tone my muscles, build up my core, and continue to feel positive in my own skin. I love walking away from any of the classes and feeling accomplished that I was able to do one more pose or move better than I did the last time. And although my muscles are always sore the next day, it’s so worth it.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why?
BURPEES! When I first started doing them in Dawn’s Kick and Sculpt or Quincy’s Strength and Conditioning class I had to do the modified version and step back into them. Now I can do them and feel great!

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
Everyone should know that WFOB is a great gym with great people. The staff are extremely helpful in pushing you towards your fitness goals. The members are lovely women that encourage you during the classes no matter your age, size, or ability. Also I’m a huge fan of the classes – every day it’s something different and the instructors change up the routines too so you are constantly engaged and challenged. The gym is easy to get by T and the price is unbeatable.

Meet Emily – the Lady of November.

What do you do for work? I am a Public Participation Coordinator at a public affairs consulting firm in downtown Boston.

What made you join WFOB? I received such a warm welcome at my first visit to WFOB that I knew it was the perfect gym for me. I wanted a gym that would challenge me and have a friendly supportive community at the same time. And how long have you been a member? I’ve been a member for about three months now.

What are your fitness goals? To tone up in general, and also increase my upper body strength for better posture. I like to feel active after sitting at a desk most of the day.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why? I really enjoy the variety of classes offered at WFOB, but I especially love how Dawn incorporates weights into the Kick & Sculpt classes to really “sculpt” your upper body! When I first started, I only used 2 lb weights. After a few weeks I started using 3 lbs and now feel comfortable using 5 lbs for a lot of the moves. It’s awesome to feel my body adapting and growing.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? I think everyone should know that WFOB has far exceeded any expectations I had for a gym immediately upon joining. I never expected to find a gym that I actually looked forward to going to after work each day. It is a place for women of ALL fitness levels. I was nervous to join a gym at first because I hadn’t exercised in so long, but any reservations or self-consciousness I had went right out the door upon meeting the friendly staff, instructors and members. Plus you cannot beat the price for what you get at WFOB, especially for a gym in downtown Boston. I only wish I made myself join years ago!

Lisa was the lady of October. Read what inspires her below.

Name: Lisa Purter, pictured above with her Nana

What do you do for work?  I am a manager at Pathstone Federal Street.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member? I joined WFOB (5 months ago) so I don’t look like a pear by the time I’m 50 🙂

Also, my Nana is my inspiration to be active and to exercise. She walks two to three miles with her dog “Uncle Sonny” every single day. We hang out just about every Saturday doing girl stuff – shopping, eating, and most importantly enjoying each other’s company. She is my best friend! Usually after hanging out with her I need a nap and she goes for walk.

I need WFOB so I can be just as young and fit as my Nana when I get her age.

What are your fitness goals?  To lose about 20 pounds and keep it off.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Dawn’s sit-ups! Why? When I first started going to her class I couldn’t even do one. Now I can do five. LOL!  I’m very proud of this accomplishment. Dawn’s classes are challenging and I love it!!!

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? You will NEVER find a gym for this price. There is no judgement here! The staff is friendly and so aren’t the ladies. I’ve been working in Boston for over 15 years. Wish I found this place years ago.

September was for Abigail! Read her WFOB story below and know why staying fit is important to her.

What do you do for work?
I work as a BIM (Building Information Model) Modeler/Drafter for McNamara·Salvia Structural Engineers. What I do is create computer 3D models of the structural systems and elements of buildings for all stages of the building industry from schematic drawings to construction documents.
What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member?
I first joined WFOB to get myself back in shape! Between my body changing after my mid-twenties and also the added impact of moving from a retail stock job (which was a decent workout half the time) to a more sedentary office job, I found myself gaining weight faster than I could keep up with in my current lifestyle. I needed a change, and I found WFOB to have exactly what I was looking for–a variety of fitness classes at no extra cost with a gym membership. I really enjoyed all the classes I took, the instructors, the decent prices, and also the other members were very nice. I’ve been a member here for a little over two years, and still enjoy working out here a lot!
What are your fitness goals?
My fitness goals are rather simple actually–stay in shape! I really just want to be healthy in my weight and cardio health, and to maintain a body that is strong and capable.
What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why?
I’m not sure if there’s anything specific, but I do like a lot of the balance movements we do in the Piloxing class. I feel strong doing them mostly because I can feel a lot of my body and muscles working together to maintain a certain position. I also like anything that involves kicking because I feel like a badass.
What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
I think everyone should know that WFOB has a good group of members who I find to be really nice supportive people. I’ve experienced working out at places where people can be snobby, or like to poke fun/laugh at people etc. I really don’t see that at all here, and it’s refreshing to see women building each other up instead of tearing each other down. I think the staff and instructors do a good job of promoting this type of environment as well.


The Lady of August was Hallie! We have her answering all of our questions this month. Read below to find out what motivates her and why she loves WFOB!

What do you do for work?
I work at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston as the Visitor Experience Manager.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member?
I joined almost a year ago after realizing I wanted to change my daily routine and find a healthy outlet for stress. I chose WFOB for its size, location, and of course, the fact that it’s all women.

What are your fitness goals?
Really simply: have a healthier lifestyle, lose some weight, and become stronger.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why?
Honestly, leaving the gym after knowing I’ve dedicated time to my physical wellbeing does the trick. It’s motivating to be able to see definite change in your ability to do certain things. Planks always make me feel strong!

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
The atmosphere is really great and not intimidating at all. It’s a genuinely welcoming place, which just adds incentive for you to go regularly and make it a part of your routine.

July was a month for two fit ladies – Tamena (TJ) and Hellina (HW) – a mother and daughter who workout together most evenings. See recent Northeastern graduate and her proud mother below and read why WFOB has made them fitter and happier! You may also recognize Hellina from the front desk. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday this month too.

What do you do for work?
TJ: I work at Northeastern University in the Office of Student Loan as a Loan Representative.

HW: I work for a private housing company on Beacon Hill.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member?
TJ: My daughter has been a member of WFOB since April of 2013. I noticed how fit she has become since she had joined the gym which made me want to get fit as well. I purchased 20 classes from Groupon to check out classes being offered at the gym. I happened to take Dawn’s Piloxing class one Tuesday and really enjoyed the workout I received from the class. I also took Dawn’s POUND class on Wednesday and Kick N Sculpt on Thursday which at first I wasn’t crazy about. The more I went to the classes the more I enjoyed them. It was at that point I had decided I would join the gym when I finished my classes. I became a member January 31 and have been a member now for seven months.

HW: My co-workers would rant and rave about the classes during the lunch hours and evening. I loved that idea because I needed something to keep me interested and stay focused. I never had a set routine or regimen, so the classes were perfect. I think I’m going on 3 to 4 years… I’m not completely sure.

What are your fitness goals?
TJ: My fitness goals are to lower my body fat percentage, get stronger, and make fitness part of my routine. I feel with the different classes that I take at WFOB I’ve found my mojo and this is what keeps motivated.

HW: I want to lose weight, stay healthy and tone up!

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why?
TJ: I feel like I get the best workouts with Piloxing and Kick N Sculpt. The incorporation of the weights in Kick N Sculpt is great. Dawn always pushes you to your limits and definitely corrects you if your form is not right. I leave class feeling like a force to be reckoned with and that I can take on the world. I also leave pretty sore but I keep telling myself no pain no gain and go hard or go home!

HW: Burpees, they used to be very challenging, but not as much now. It takes time to do them correctly. I can hold my weight and they make me sweat quickly to burn off more calories.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
TJ: The staff at WFOB are amazing. In the short time I’ve been there I feel right at home. The members are very friendly and make you feel welcomed. If you’re looking for a gym I would definitely recommend WFOB. Dawn is the best instructor. She is one of the contributing factors of why I joined WFOB. If you are looking for a place to get a great work out and get pushed to your limits, then WFOB is the place for you.

HW: It’s an all-women’s gym with so much to offer – right in the downtown Boston area with classes offered every day of the week. Also, great trainers to help you reach your goal of weight gain or weight loss.

June was all for Jaime. Check out what brought her to WFOB and why she loves it!

What do you do for work?
I’m a marketing princess at a law firm. I manage the food and beverage, healthcare, and retail sectors.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member?
I was looking for a woman only gym in downtown Boston when I used to work near Macy’s. I wanted to find a gym that I could go to during my lunch break and started doing some research. I popped into the gym one day after work and joined on the spot. I signed up for training after I got engaged – like most women do. Unfortunately the economy took a nose dive and I had to give up the training but I picked it back up and have been doing it with Julie for about five years. I look better now than I did on my wedding day. HAH I’ve been a member of the gym since 2006.

What are your fitness goals?
I’d like to work on maintaining my weight loss, and toning my hips and thighs which as Julie knows is my problem area. I’m also trying to get rid of my back fat for tank top and swimsuit season! And I’d like to work on building my core strength so I’ve got a few goals 🙂

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why?
Being able to do full burpees back to back to back at the end of a workout or class without feeling like I’m going to die.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
That it’s right in downtown crossing! I think a lot of people walk right past the gym without knowing it exists. And no matter what your fitness goals are there is something for you at WFOB.

May was the month to celebrate Kathy Lillis, pictured on the right below. Read her compelling journey to fitness.

What do you do for work?
I work for the Government.

What made you join WFOB?
I got hit by a truck in April 2014 and lost a lot of muscle strength and stamina. After PT I tried getting better on my own but wasn’t healing fast enough. I knew I needed help.

How long have you been a member?
My sister, Diane, who is also a member gave me a bunch of training sessions for my 60th birthday in November, 2015 and I have been hooked ever since.

What are your fitness goals?
To get back stronger physically and emotionally before getting nailed by the truck. Whenever I complain to my trainer, Quincy that I need to slow down and remind her that I am 61 after all, she responds back that its “ability, not age.” She pushes me long after I would have stopped if alone. Quincy, Julie, and fellow members have given me such encouragement to keep on even when discouraged. I know I am stronger for them.

What is the pose/move?
I love kicking and punching in Piloxing. It is very empowering. Now when I walk to the gym, instead of getting bumped around, now I am the one doing the bumping!

What should everyone know about WFOB?
It is a warm, welcoming place with awesome classes and encouraging staff that will keep you coming back and seeing wonderful results. WFOB and my sister got me on the road to recovery. Life changer.

April was the month of Vineela Tummala. Read all about this amazing member of WFOB below.

What do you do for work?
I am an Application Administration Release Engineer at Financial Client

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member?
Friendly, conveniently-located (near all four metro lines), and reasonably-priced, WFOB is the best deal in the area. I have been a  member for over 6+ years. I am really glad I joined WFOB! This gym has great classes at convenient times with awesome instructors and friendly staff in general. I also started personal training session with one of the trainers, Dawn, to help me reach my fitness goals (as listed below). My experience with Dawn is that she is super energetic. I always look forward to working out with her. She varies the workout, makes it fun, and I have seen real changes to my body, flexibility, and balance.

What are your fitness goals?
Whatever your workout/exercise related goal may be and no matter how broad or specific it may be, the first key step in creating the workout routine that will work best for you is figuring out what your overall fitness goal is. After starting personal training sessions with Dawn, I am very proud of myself for being able to achieve my goals: Lowering my body fat percentage, getting stronger, making fitness a part of my routine, achieving sports conditioning and maintaining my health.

(I always love challenging Dawn for her marine workouts… 🙂)

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why?
I love all the classes! You’ll never get bored with the high-energy workout group classes. My favorite classes are Spin, Piloxing, Pound, and Tabata. These classes will strengthen your body, tone and elongate your muscles, improve endurance, jump start your metabolism (so you burn calories all day long not just while you in class), increase flexibility and postural alignment, and improve core strength and balance. You’ll leave feeling Lean. Long. Strong.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
​Julie and her​ staff are very warm and will greet you each time you walk in here (come here enough and they’ll remember you by name). If you are looking to push yourself, I promise you will get what you need from the experience… a great workout with someone who will teach you how to get the most from yourself physically!

I’ve met most of the other trainers and they’re all super nice and know a lot about training. I would recommend all of them!


The last? Monica Anderson. Learn more about Monica and her time at WFOB below. She is our WFOB Lady of the Month for March 2017.

What do you do for work? Investment Company

What made you  join WFOB? I struggle  with  high blood pressure and wanted to lose weight plus get in shape but with the assistance of a trainer.  I needed that push!  I needed the weekly commitment!

How long you been a member? I have been a member over a year and a half and did not attend as frequently as I do now.

What are your fitness goals? My fitness goal was to maintain a weight that is healthy for me and continue exercising especially after seeing results with the help of a trainer.

What is the Pose/Move in any class or workout and why? If my workout attire matches I feel any class or workout will go smoothly. My trainer will always comment and provide positive constructive criticism when my workout attire looks good and that makes me feel like I can enjoy any class or workout and feel sexy and strong.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? Up until I met Julie (Owner and Personal Trainer of WFOB in addition to her staff) workout facilities were not fulfilling my desire to continue working out. I now enjoy attending classes at WFOB. WFOB is a quaint women’s gym with no pressure on your body structure nor age. WFOB makes me feel like another workout class and/or PT session will get me one step closer to being healthy. With that being said all you ladies out there come to WFOB and try the POUND WORKOUT CLASS-You will love it!

Jen Vlasuk, another amazing member of our community. She is our Lady for February 2017.

What do you do for work? Relationship Manager – Vice President at a bank

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member? I’ve had a membership for over 10 years. I joined to workout with a coworker who was a member. She was injured and quit so I came sporadically, then not at all…. we’ll use the term “member” loosely for those 8 years. I started coming again in 2014 because I wanted to feel good about myself. I signed up for personal training because that is not always enough to make me go.

What are your fitness goals? To be fit by fifty. Haven’t quite figured the rest out yet.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why? I feel strong when I have finished a training session, and I think.  “I JUST DID THAT!!!  I didn’t think I could, it wasn’t pretty, but I did it. And next time it will be harder and I will do that too…”

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. The staff is there for you, they want you to succeed at whatever made you walk through their door.

Chanda Ruff, pictured here.

What do you do for work? Senior Credit Analyst at Wells Fargo – I work with Borrowers in the Retail Finance department.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member? I had considered joining a gym for quite some time and while I was walking to work one day, I saw the Women’s Fitness of Boston sign hanging on School Street. I didn’t go into the gym right that minute but realized that I was still thinking about the gym a few days later, so I chose to sign up the following week during the fall of 2015. I hadn’t even considered an all-women gym but I loved the idea once I realized that one existed literally 5 minutes from my job.

What are your fitness goals? At first, I just wanted to lose weight but now I’ve accomplished that goal and I’m all about building muscle. I’m also trying to develop a better relationship with food that will enable me to feel like it’s OK to eat a slice of pizza (or 2, or maybe 3…) without feeling like I have to run to the gym afterwards.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why? BODYSHRED in general! Talk about a class that kicks your butt each time! Getting through a BODYSHRED class makes me feel like I can conquer the world afterwards because it’s so tough and physically demanding.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? The personal training is wonderful! I work with Quincy specifically and she’s great! She’s always pushing me to give it my all and always showing me some crazy new exercise!

Who was first up? Yolande Haydon, pictured below.


What do you do for work? I’m the Business Manager for a drug development company focusing on Alzheimer’s disease. As it’s a virtual company, I work at home, which means my work outfit some days is a bathrobe.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member? By Thanksgiving of 2011 I had put on a LOT of weight and knew that I had to move more and eat less or turn into a giant, inactive blob. I managed to improve my eating habits a bit and started walking, but eventually realized I needed help to step up the exercise and add strength training. Lo and behold! In 2013 Women’s Fitness of Boston was offering a personal training special that I decided to try. Three years later, I’m still training.

What are your fitness goals? I’m trying to keep the weight off (I do NOT want to buy clothes in a bigger size), keep strong and keep moving. I can tell that the personal training has made a difference when I’m out sailing and my husband tells me to grind winches; my back, arms, legs and core are all more able to keep up.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why? My favorite part of a workout changes from week to week as I like variety, but I’m pretty keen on a boxing workout as it makes me feel like a beast. A short, white-haired beast.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? The support at WFOB is outstanding, not just as a client but as part of an extended family. I had a health problem in the last year and both staff and other members of WFOB encouraged me as I went through treatment.