We are ever grateful for the adoring, fit, and healthy community that makes up WFOB. We want to share your successes with other members and have come up with the WFOB Lady of the Month. We will feature members – young, mature, new, and many years-in. You all have grand stories to share!

Tell us your tale. We want to know it! Email memberservices@womensfitnessofboston.com.

April is the month of Vineela Tummala. Read all about this amazing member of WFOB below.

What do you do for work?
I am an Application Administration Release Engineer at Financial Client

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member?
Friendly, conveniently-located (near all four metro lines), and reasonably-priced, WFOB is the best deal in the area. I have been a  member for over 6+ years. I am really glad I joined WFOB! This gym has great classes at convenient times with awesome instructors and friendly staff in general. I also started personal training session with one of the trainers, Dawn, to help me reach my fitness goals (as listed below). My experience with Dawn is that she is super energetic. I always look forward to working out with her. She varies the workout, makes it fun, and I have seen real changes to my body, flexibility, and balance.

What are your fitness goals?
Whatever your workout/exercise related goal may be and no matter how broad or specific it may be, the first key step in creating the workout routine that will work best for you is figuring out what your overall fitness goal is. After starting personal training sessions with Dawn, I am very proud of myself for being able to achieve my goals: Lowering my body fat percentage, getting stronger, making fitness a part of my routine, achieving sports conditioning and maintaining my health.

(I always love challenging Dawn for her marine workouts… 🙂)

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why?
I love all the classes! You’ll never get bored with the high-energy workout group classes. My favorite classes are Spin, Piloxing, Pound, and Tabata. These classes will strengthen your body, tone and elongate your muscles, improve endurance, jump start your metabolism (so you burn calories all day long not just while you in class), increase flexibility and postural alignment, and improve core strength and balance. You’ll leave feeling Lean. Long. Strong.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
​Julie and her​ staff are very warm and will greet you each time you walk in here (come here enough and they’ll remember you by name). If you are looking to push yourself, I promise you will get what you need from the experience… a great workout with someone who will teach you how to get the most from yourself physically!

I’ve met most of the other trainers and they’re all super nice and know a lot about training. I would recommend all of them!


The last? Monica Anderson. Learn more about Monica and her time at WFOB below. She is our WFOB Lady of the Month for March 2017.

What do you do for work? Investment Company

What made you  join WFOB? I struggle  with  high blood pressure and wanted to lose weight plus get in shape but with the assistance of a trainer.  I needed that push!  I needed the weekly commitment!

How long you been a member? I have been a member over a year and a half and did not attend as frequently as I do now.

What are your fitness goals? My fitness goal was to maintain a weight that is healthy for me and continue exercising especially after seeing results with the help of a trainer.

What is the Pose/Move in any class or workout and why? If my workout attire matches I feel any class or workout will go smoothly. My trainer will always comment and provide positive constructive criticism when my workout attire looks good and that makes me feel like I can enjoy any class or workout and feel sexy and strong.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? Up until I met Julie (Owner and Personal Trainer of WFOB in addition to her staff) workout facilities were not fulfilling my desire to continue working out. I now enjoy attending classes at WFOB. WFOB is a quaint women’s gym with no pressure on your body structure nor age. WFOB makes me feel like another workout class and/or PT session will get me one step closer to being healthy. With that being said all you ladies out there come to WFOB and try the POUND WORKOUT CLASS-You will love it!

Jen Vlasuk, another amazing member of our community. She is our Lady for February 2017.

What do you do for work? Relationship Manager – Vice President at a bank

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member? I’ve had a membership for over 10 years. I joined to workout with a coworker who was a member. She was injured and quit so I came sporadically, then not at all…. we’ll use the term “member” loosely for those 8 years. I started coming again in 2014 because I wanted to feel good about myself. I signed up for personal training because that is not always enough to make me go.

What are your fitness goals? To be fit by fifty. Haven’t quite figured the rest out yet.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why? I feel strong when I have finished a training session, and I think.  “I JUST DID THAT!!!  I didn’t think I could, it wasn’t pretty, but I did it. And next time it will be harder and I will do that too…”

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. The staff is there for you, they want you to succeed at whatever made you walk through their door.

Chanda Ruff, pictured here.

What do you do for work? Senior Credit Analyst at Wells Fargo – I work with Borrowers in the Retail Finance department.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member? I had considered joining a gym for quite some time and while I was walking to work one day, I saw the Women’s Fitness of Boston sign hanging on School Street. I didn’t go into the gym right that minute but realized that I was still thinking about the gym a few days later, so I chose to sign up the following week during the fall of 2015. I hadn’t even considered an all-women gym but I loved the idea once I realized that one existed literally 5 minutes from my job.

What are your fitness goals? At first, I just wanted to lose weight but now I’ve accomplished that goal and I’m all about building muscle. I’m also trying to develop a better relationship with food that will enable me to feel like it’s OK to eat a slice of pizza (or 2, or maybe 3…) without feeling like I have to run to the gym afterwards.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why? BODYSHRED in general! Talk about a class that kicks your butt each time! Getting through a BODYSHRED class makes me feel like I can conquer the world afterwards because it’s so tough and physically demanding.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? The personal training is wonderful! I work with Quincy specifically and she’s great! She’s always pushing me to give it my all and always showing me some crazy new exercise!

Who was first up? Yolande Haydon, pictured below.


What do you do for work? I’m the Business Manager for a drug development company focusing on Alzheimer’s disease. As it’s a virtual company, I work at home, which means my work outfit some days is a bathrobe.

What made you join WFOB? And how long have you been a member? By Thanksgiving of 2011 I had put on a LOT of weight and knew that I had to move more and eat less or turn into a giant, inactive blob. I managed to improve my eating habits a bit and started walking, but eventually realized I needed help to step up the exercise and add strength training. Lo and behold! In 2013 Women’s Fitness of Boston was offering a personal training special that I decided to try. Three years later, I’m still training.

What are your fitness goals? I’m trying to keep the weight off (I do NOT want to buy clothes in a bigger size), keep strong and keep moving. I can tell that the personal training has made a difference when I’m out sailing and my husband tells me to grind winches; my back, arms, legs and core are all more able to keep up.

What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong? Why? My favorite part of a workout changes from week to week as I like variety, but I’m pretty keen on a boxing workout as it makes me feel like a beast. A short, white-haired beast.

What do you think everyone should know about WFOB? The support at WFOB is outstanding, not just as a client but as part of an extended family. I had a health problem in the last year and both staff and other members of WFOB encouraged me as I went through treatment.