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  • Receive your first email including your own WFOB login info to begin booking WFOB ZOOM live group fitness sessions and receive and exclusive link to learn how to input your measurements and track your progress in your own WFOB Fitness App!
  • Schedule your Virtual Nutrition Orientation with your Team WFOB Coach to review your meal guides, recipes and more.
  • Access unlimited cutting edge quick and convenient custom workouts videos that ca be done anytime of day, at home, a condo complex workout area, local gym, or taken with you when you travel.
  • Receive daily messages from your Team WFOB Coach to start you off on healthy habits for life and make sure you stay on track.
  • Meet with your own TEAM WFOB Coach in 15 minute virtual coaching meetings to make custom adjustments to your program, set short term and long term goals and ensure success!
  • Have exclusive access to WFOB's Google Library of pre-recorded group fit sessions with the VIP Virtual Pass, so you can workout at convenient times that fit your busy schedule!
  • Check daily motivational emails from WFOB to begin learning healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Build confidence, muscle strength, tone and definition and burn calories all while having fun in our wide array of WFOB ZOOM live group fitness sessions!
  • Access recipes, eating out guides, nutrition tips & tools to ensure proper along the way!
  • View your calories and effort level in real time with the purchase of a MYZONE belt. Purchase your belt online at www.myzone.org and save $50 OFF your MZ3 belt with code WFBUS001 
  • PLUS use your WFOB Fitness app to track food, workouts and more to help you reach your health and wellness goals.
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"Fitness has always been important to me but after some big life changes my own wellbeing was put to the side. I had a lot of false starts trying to get back on track and am so grateful to Nicole, Julie and WFOB for giving me just the motivation I needed. Thanks for helping me make myself a priority again" ~ Nora

Brianna (lost 11 lbs & 10.5 inches in 28 days)

Holly (lost 5.2 lbs & 5 inches in 28 days)

Katy (lost 5 lbs & 7 inches in 28 days)









Angela & Maria

Why Women's Fitness of Boston?

WFOB is more than just a gym. It's a community of healthy minded, supportive women. We help you create healthy lifestyle habits to last a lifetime. Be the best version of you! Meet with our high quality, educated TEAM WFOB trainers/coaches to help you get results, be fit and strong!

Variety of Group Fitness Sessions  

STRONG Nation, Yoga, Pilates, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio Kickboxing, Power Flex 45, Tabata and more...Workout with TEAM WFOB Group Fit and build bone density, burn fat, burn calories, tone, build core strenth, and build overall confidence! Plus with our Virtual Pass get access to our WFOB Google Library - 100's of pre-recorded sessions to meet your busy schedule! Get your workout done during your lunch hour and in the comfort of your own home!  

Accountability Coaching

WFOB Coaches will guide you every step of the way. You will never be alone. We have done it with 100s of women and we will do it with you. Discuss custom goals and set habits to focus on in your coaching meetings, design custom workout plans, learn nutrition tips and tools. Guiding you step by step, messaging you to make sure you are on track to meet your goals. TEAM WFOB is here to support you!

Enhance results with Prestige Labs Supplements & Meals.

Supplements and Ready Made Meals with Prestige Labs! We have finally found a supplement line that we can 100% put our names behind knowing that the product meets our standards. Because of this, we are proud to announce that Women's Fitness of Boston is now a licensed distributor of Prestige Labs Supplements. Being a licensed distributor for them lets us provide you with the best price available! This is not your average supplement line. This line has a variety of products that can help in boosting anyone’s health and wellness journey. Save 40% Off Prestige Lab Supplements. CLICK HERE TO SAVE NOW.

Custom Workout Videos

Join one of our many WFOB Transformation Programs and have access to Custom Workout videos to take you anywhere in the WFOB Fitness App. Track your progress photos, measurements, join private groups, access a grocery helper, chat with your coach and so much more....

Tools for Success 

TEAM WFOB has lots of tools up our sleeves! We are just waiting to share it all with you. Join our fit, fam community of supportive, women online and get VIP access to restaurant eating out guides, recipes, tips & tricks, cooking presentations...the list goes on!

Client Testimonials

"I love being a part of WFOB fitness, in an effort to keep us all moving and connected, WFOB has stepped it up in big ways to offer live virtual classes so you are not just taking classes from your living room, you're also experiencing the class in real time with others. All the classes are designed for all levels. You'll never get bored with high-energy workout group classes. I have been taking virtual classes 6 days a week and everyday is different. You target on different muscle groups and I personally see a lot of huge improvements in my body It's easy to sign up and register thru the app and I would highly recommend taking the virtual classes to stay fit and strong!"


"Love Women’s Fitness of Boston. I take their lunch time classes & I couldn’t ask for more. The classes are fun, effective & flexible for the work day. I wish I signed up sooner!"


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