What is MYZONE?

  • An activity tracking belt that delivers heart rate-based effort tracking.
  • Track your workouts on display screens at the gym, or while using your MYZONE App if you’re working out outside the club.

Be More Involved at WFOB using MYZONE

  • Users have the opportunity to join “MEP”s challenges at WFOB!
  • “MEP”s challenges to see who can achieve the most MZ Effort Points, allowing for friendly competition at the club.
  • Fun and exciting way to get involved and increase member accountability.

Zone Match

Another great feature the app offers is called Zone Match, a personal cardio experience with the aim being to match your heart rate with target zones. Throughout a class or your own workout, your Zone Match score will display as a percentage of how closely you match your tile with the target color, 100% being the highest score you can achieve. As a result, participants learn the level of effort required to maintain each zone. Find Zone Match in your App by clicking on workout, then clicking the ZM button to the right of the main tile. Select your preferred Zone Match. You can filter by duration by using the options at the bottom of the screen.

MYZONE Belt Sale Zone Match

How Can I Participate?

  • Take advantage of this service by purchasing your belt today! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE MZ-3 BELT
  • Download the MYZONE APP for use when exercising both in and out of the club.
  • Pre-order your chosen belt and pick up at WFOB within 7-10 business days.
  • WFOB will notify you via email when your belt has arrived.

See what WFOB MYZONE users have to say:

“I love wearing the MyZone Belt!
Watching my heart rate percentages move between the zones really motivates me. My workouts are more intense because the tracking challenges me to set goals I probably wouldn’t have attempted otherwise.”
-Kathy G.

“The MyZone belt is great for my motivation.
During workouts, I use it to gauge where I am and challenge myself to go a little harder. After workouts, I can’t wait for the summary and the “I did that”
feeling that comes with it.”
-Jen V.

“The MyZone Belt pushes me to go harder.
Since I’ve started wearing it I’ve picked up heavier weights and pushed through more repetitions in order to keep my heart rate up in the red zone.”
-Flora K. 

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