By making this purchase, you are agreeing to the following:

Buyer represents, warrants, and acknowledges that the buyer is in good physical condition and able to utilize Women’s Fitness of Boston equipment and facilities and perform the exercises available at WFOB. Buyer also agrees to use the facilities and equipment of WFOB in a safe and responsible manner, to request of WFOB when appropriate or necessary instruction on the proper use of all equipment, and the proper method of exercises. In addition, buyer agrees to warm-up properly prior to beginning any exercise program and to use the equipment only for the exercises that the piece of equipment was intended for. Buyer also agrees to use caution, common sense and safety when selection the type of machine, exercise, or amount of weight during their workout at Women’s Fitness of Boston. Rules, policies, and regulation may be subject to change without notice.


As an alternative to cancelling the membership – WFOB does offer the option of freezing your membership and will simply reactivate your membership automatically based on your billing date. We can do so via email and this option will require 2 weeks notice prior to the monthly billing date and there will be A MONTHLY CHARGE of $10 each month the membership is on hold.  If you choose the Freeze option please provide the months you wish to Freeze and reactivate your membership via email and we will send you email confirmation in return. (Example for a member who is billed on the 5th of every month: Please freeze my membership from 07/05/2019- 09/04/2019 and reactivate on 09/05/2019. This member would be billed $10 for the months of July and August and regular recurring billing charges would resume with full club access on 09/05/2019.) We require notification by 06/21/2019 for this freeze request. Please note, we will send a confirmation email of the freeze. If this is not received please contact the club to confirm the freeze request has been completed. The member would avoid any re-enrollment rate by requesting a freeze.


In order to cancel the membership, please send (scan/take a picture of your signature with a cancellation note with your phone and email a copy to memberservices@womensfitnessofboston.com) a  handwritten request with signature is required or  feel free to stop by the club and complete a cancellation form.  As per the signed contract, all cancellations of monthly memberships must be received in writing 30 days prior to the next billing date. Example: For a member whose billing occurs on 01/7/2020: If we receive the request on/or before 01/07/2020 the final billing date would be 01/07/2020  with club access until 02/06/2020. The yearly facility fee will be pro-rated and auto charged at time of cancellation if no fee has been paid to date. In addition, if you are committed to a 12 month auto billing membership type there is an early cancel fee of $99 that is automatically billed upon cancellation. Please feel free to call 617-227-1221 with any questions.  Please note, we will send a confirmation email of the cancellation. If this is not received please contact the club to confirm the has been completed.

Facility Fee

Each year on the 20th of June or January each member enrolled on a yearly/monthly membership will be required to pay a $40 facility fee. The proceeds of this fee will go toward new equipment, facility upgrade, and operating expenses of the facility. This fee is deducted automatically from your account for monthly auto billed memberships .If member cancels prior to fee charge, the fee is pro-rated and charged at time of cancellation. This fee is pro-rated in paid in full memberships and due at time of enrollment.