Even though due to the COVID-19 Crisis, Women’s Fitness of Boston will be unable to re-open our brick & mortar location at 27 School Street, Boston, MA 02108 we will continue to uphold our mission to help women learn healthy habits to last a lifetime by balancing fitness, nutrition, and accountability.

WFOB will continue online business as usual and in fact is now available to women across the nation!

WFOB has now expanded our programs nationwide to women everywhere. The empowering, inspiring and welcoming community of women that is Women’s Fitness of Boston can now open our hearts and doors from a virtual capacity across the nation.

TEAM WFOB and I are embracing this exciting new culture and look forward to introducing more women to the inspiring, welcoming WFOB community!

Women’s Fitness of Boston will continue to remain flexible and open to opportunities as the future unfolds for potential brick and mortar location(s), various partnerships, local and virtual events, and more.

“To new beginnings my friends, open hearts and open minds, happiness, health, positivity and may we continue to lift one another up with strength, empathy, kindness and the power of women!”
~ Julie DiLeo, WFOB Owner