At Home Workout Video

At Home Workout Video

Please try the at home workout video below. Click on the link and review the exercise descriptions and modifications offered.  

Access to the online personal training and nutrion program will be available to ALL WFOB MEMBERS on Monday, March 16th. Instructions will be sent in a follow-up email. 

To promote social distancing and for the safety of members/guest and staff, WFOB has suspended classes the week of 03/16/2020. We will continue to communicate updates regarding next week.

The club will remain open regular hours with access to equipment. Please be diligent and continue to clean with the EPA recommended product provided as well as remain 6ft apart when onsite.  
 Let’s Stay Positive and Slow the Curve Together. 

Complete each exercise for 30 to 45 seconds with 10 – 15 seconds rest. Repeat 3 – 5 times. Modify as needed. Rehydrate as necessary. 

1. T- Squats. (Modify by stepping side to side and squatting – eliminate the jumping.) Remember to engage the core and keep a flat back when reaching down. 

2. Mummy kicks. (Keep your palms facing your body and arms straight. Take your time. Control the movement. Exhale with every leg raise. Don’t let the legs fall to the ground.)

3. Shuffle side to side with burpees at each end. (Modify by eliminating the burpee and squat or add a plyo jump to each side). 

4. Modified Plank to Plank. (Modify by placing the knees on the ground as needed. Don’t tuck the chin to chest. England the core and place hands directly under shoulders when lifting the body up. BREATH. Keep the body in a straight line. Quality of movement is more important than quantity.)

 5. High Knees. (Modify by eliminating any jumping and alternate leg lifts. Or choose running in place.)
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