Meet Melissa, Our Lady of October!

Meet Melissa, Our Lady of October!

We are ever grateful for the adoring, fit, and healthy community that makes up WFOB. We want to share your successes with other members and have come up with the WFOB Lady of the Month. We will feature members – young, mature, new, and many years-in. You all have grand stories to share!

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Meet Melissa, our Lady of October!

What do you do for work?
I work as a senior administrative assistant at a consulting firm.
What made you join WFOB?
After trying the mainstream gyms I wanted a gym where I wasn’t just another “number” for their sales teams. I wanted a gym with a community and caring instructors. WFOB suited my needs!
What are your fitness goals?

I’ve been a member for a few years now, but it wasn’t until this last year that I took my fitness goals more

serious. Since joining I’ve lost almost 30 pounds with the help of the classes at WFOB and adjusting my daily diet.
What is the pose or move in any class or workout that makes you feel strong?
I have a new found love of burpees, I used to hate them with a passion, but as I got stronger I started enjoying them more. I always feel great after completing a set. I also have a new interest in running, this was another thing I used to hate. I would get winded so quick, I can now run 4 miles in my lunch break alone! 
How has your life changed since becoming a member?
I feel so much stronger since joining WFOB, in the past I would work out because it was something you are supposed to do for a healthy lifestyle. Though since joining, I actually enjoy working out. Whether it’s a class (danced based classes are my favorite) or just working out on my own, I always feel welcomed at WFOB.
What do you think everyone should know about WFOB?
WFOB is a great community with awesome classes and instructors/trainers who truly care about your well being. I think it’s great the team working there get to know the names of the members, it makes you feel welcomed. If you want the best you to come out, I have no doubts that the WFOB community will get you to your goals.