Work at WFOB

Work at WFOB


We are seeking an additional Level 1 or Level 2 personal trainer to join TEAM WFOB!

As a personal trainer you will work with WFOB members and develop personal training plans and fun, effective programs designed to achieve maximum results. This may be in one to one, partner training, or group training formats. You will also be responsible for performing fitness assessments, including digital postural analysis and body compositions.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. WFOB members are the top priority
  2. Creating Individualized training to meet the needs of a wide variety of members
  3. Performing digital client measurements, body compositions, and timely follow-ups to track progress
  4. Developing a strong client base through member education and follow-up
  5. Tracking and scheduling all PT sessions using WFOB InChargeLife calendar system
  6. Promotion of training packages available as well as a full understanding of rates and offerings not limited to just training

Secondary Responsibilities

  1. Keeping the workout floor clean and orderly
  2. Education of apprentice personal trainers by occasionally allowing them to shadow as you work with clients
  3. Partake in occasional outside corporate and community events

As a Personal Trainer you must:

  • have a strong understanding of basic and advanced exercise and spotting technique
  • be able to design basic to advanced programs for new Members using proper techniques
  • understand that by educating WFOB members about the benefits of personal training we will continue to grow our client base
  • have a strong working knowledge of health management and WFOB InChargeLife software and be able to use it to develop and implement exercise and nutritional plans
  • feel confident in the weight room environment
  • be comfortable introducing yourself to any WFOB members
  • understand the proper telephone etiquette
  • be good at time management and multi-tasking
  • have current CPR/AED and First Aid certificates and be available to assist members experiencing an injury
  • workout regularly and maintain a basic level of fitness as a minimum
  • have a good knowledge of the Group Fitness schedule
  • understand your limits and know when to tell members that you don’t know the answer to a question but will find out for them
  • have good overall communication skills
  • encourage and praise all of our members
  • Nationally Accredited Certification preferred

Dress Code

All WFOB staff are required to wear appropriate, professional attire at all times during their shifts.  This includes:

  • Clean WFOB logo’d tank top, t-shirt, or sweatshirt
  • Workout leggings, casual shorts, or fitness pants
  • Athletic shoes with sport socks

Please refrain from wearing the following while on shift:

  • Bra tops, unless covered by a shirt or jacket
  • Too short shorts, cut offs
  • Flip flops
  • Anything overly worn or dirty

The position is an Independent Contractor and is commission based on the packages sold.

Interested candidates should submit their cover letter, resume, and three references to Please use “Personal trainer position” in the subject line.